We Treat All Ages


Children can be screened as early age 4! Early intervention can promote proper jaw growth, correct breathing and swallowing techniques. MYO Brace and MYO Functional exercises can aid optimal breathing, increased oxygen intake, correct eruption of primary teeth and can decrease snoring and bedwetting.


Expansion and correct eruption patterns are the key to maximized breathing and beautiful smiles. Removable expanders are a less invasive way to expand the palate to make room for the teeth. Let us help you guide your teeth naturally with clear aligners or traditional braces.


Wether you're 18 or 80! You deserve a beautiful smile!

Tooth alignment is achievable at any age if you have healthy gums and bones. Let our doctor evaluate the health of your smile and recommend clear aligners or traditional brackets to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Quantum Orthodontics is a comprehensive, Airway Centered Orthodontic office that prides itself on using cutting edge, digital technology to treat patients of all ages! We offer convenient appointment times with multiple locations to serve you best. Our fun and friendly staff look forward to meeting you at your complimentary consultation where you will learn if you are ready to start treatment. We offer flexible payment plans to suit your needs and have zero down payment options as well!