Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit you will meet with Dr. Frackowiak for a COMPLIMENTARY consultation to determine if orthodontic treatment is right for you now or in the future. Our friendly staff will be happy to show you around our office and answer any questions you may have.

Should I wait until my child has lost all their baby teeth before we get braces?

No, it is recommended that every child have an assessment around the age of seven. Early interceptive treatment can potentially avoid many future problems, and involves intervention to correct habits, assess space for permanent teeth or address tooth and jaw size discrepancies. This type of treatment is called Phase 1. Phase 2 treatments can be greatly reduced and simplified with earlier Phase 1 intervention. Phase 2 is the actual placement of braces to align the teeth and fine tune the bite.

Do I have to wear a retainer after my braces are removed?

Yes. Retainers are necessary for teeth to stabilize after braces. Our comprehensive care includes Active Treatment with Retention, at no additional cost. You will receive both fixed and removable retainers at the completion of treatment, and Dr. Frackowiak will see you at regular intervals to check your retainers for a period of two years. The care and maintenance of your appliances is your responsibility. We will teach and assist you of course, but if retainers are lost or broken, there will be a nominal lab fee to replace or repair any appliance. Learn more about retainers by reading three phases of orthodontic treatment.

Do teeth have to be removed with orthodontic treatment?

Our treatment philosophy has evolved over the years both through experience and ongoing scientific findings. We prefer to take a more holistic approach to orthodontic care. Every effort will be made to achieve a great result without extracting permanent teeth, using functional techniques and bracketing systems that will reduce the need to remove teeth. However, there may be some instances where extractions are unavoidable. Dr. Frackowiak will discuss all of your options and address all of your concerns throughout your treatment with us.

How much will my braces cost?

The actual cost of treatment varies depending on individual needs and complexities. Every effort will be made to fully explain the costs and set up a payment plan that is affordable for you and your family. We offer comprehensive care that actually includes the cost of retainers and your follow up visits for two years after your active phase of treatment is complete. Our staff will help you with any insurance needs and explain our policies to you as well. We encourage patients to keep checking our website for special promotions that could save you even more money. Contact us for more information.