Airway Centered Orthodontics: a new way to look at orthodontic treatment

Updated: Feb 8

Over the years, Orthodontic treatment has moved past simply focusing on straightening teeth. Many of our patients have an airway issue that needs to be corrected, and this change in focus allows us to look beyond teeth to the nose, throat, muscles of the tongue, face, neck and beyond to the rest of the body.

An airway centered orthodontist specializes in all aspects of malocclusions, whether simple or complicated, but with the help of additional myofunctional training we are able to expand the palate to accommodate incoming teeth resulting in fewer extractions and more open airways. Optimizing on airway passages can aid with overall sleep quality, brain development, concentration and sports performance.

While traditional treatment may see crooked teeth and automatically assume braces or clear aligners are the answer to the problem, to us crooked teeth can be a sign of mouth breathing, among other issues, and we prioritize correcting these issues first. We breathe more efficiently through our noses and encouraging nasal breathing assists with adequate, natural development of the jaw structure. We may correct this underlying issue by palate expansion or using a myofunctional device with various activities to improve breathing techniques and facial muscles. Proper tongue position and function assists in palate and arch development as well as tooth alignment.

In dentistry and orthodontics, there is a movement towards focusing on early, preventive treatment. By developing the jaw structure at an early age, using a child’s natural growth to our advantage, we can address these concerns and provide our children with a healthier future. Starting as early as age four, before the face is fully formed, myofunctional therapy can make it easier to solve problems like an overbite, crossbite or underbite. In some cases children may require a palate expander to help further expand the jaw to accommodate incoming teeth and aid in opening up narrow airways. Using an airway centered approach to orthodontics can also help ensure the results of your treatment last longer because we have created a better foundation, with improved muscle function to support it.

At Quantum Orthodontics, we have over 30 years experience specializing in airway centered orthodontics and over 10 years working with myofunctional therapies. We have seen a wide variety of cases throughout the years with an incredible success rate and are proud to help restore optimal health and oral function to each and every one of our patients.

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